Google Wear OS update now tells you there is “Nothing to see here”

Rakshith Suvarna

Google seems to have made a small change in its Wear OS platform, wherein it changes the “No notifications” message to “Nothing to see here” or “All clear” or even “Check again later.”

It will show up when you have no active alerts swipe up. According to some users on Reddit, the font has also been updated from Roboto to Google Sans along with the added character thickness and width, making visibility better.

This change in the WearOS has widely rolled out today via a server side refresh, so you don’t need to check for updates even if you are on the latest software version. It is also not for sure, how much time will Google take to bring this minor tweak to all the various users across the world.

It’s worth mentioning that this change comes only a couple of days after Google announced its Android operating system as it dropped the first developer preview on select smartphones. Although it is not meant as a user facing build, a lot has already been revealed when it comes to major changes in the UI and features.

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Some of the major changes seen in Android 12 Developer Preview are the UI tweaks made in the media player that is shown on the lock screen or the notification shade. The notification shade itself has been redesigned. Wi-Fi password sharing is now better with a ‘Nearby’ passcode sharing option. There is also an easier one-handed mode along with more focus on widgets, which can now stack cards from different apps and let you swipe sideways to view them easily.

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